The design process for DogSim III has started!

After a period of taking inventory at the end of 2014 we are pleased to announce that there are enough interested parties to start the design and production process for a new DogSim version! For the sake of clarity we are calling it “model II”.

From Thinkable we are looking forward to creating a DogSim that people will enjoy using, with good results for the clients.

Photo: the design process of DogSim model III started with a sketch on the TactiPad.

User input

The Dogsim is here to stay, as a way to introduce the client to working with a seeing-eye dog as well as to help train them in how to do this.

In the past years there have been two previous models of the DogSim. The users of both models have made suggestions, which will now be used for product improvement.

From KOM V.O.F. to Thinkable

The DogSim was invented between 2000-2002 by Peter Lasaroms, at that time a seeing-eye dog instructor at KNGF Geleidehonden, the Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation.

In 2002, the idea was developed into a product, after which it was produced and sold by KOM V.O.F., a collaboration by Peter Lasaroms and Jaap Breider. Since then, they have decided to part ways and have continued with their own individual activities. Hence, On december 31st 2014, KOM V.O.F. was disbanded.

The development, production and sales of the DogSim is now executed by Thinkable – Everything thinkable is possible.

The DogSim website has been updated

Our website,, was not maintained for a long time. With the development of model III, changes were also implemented on this front.

One of the newly added tools is a mailinglist, which we will use to inform everyone simultaneously when the time comes. In this way we would like to keep all interested parties up to date of the design process of the new DogSim model.

Via our website it is also possible to leave reactions that are visible to other visitors.


In the near future an article about the suggested improvements will be placed on the website. Those who feel the need are welcome to respond with new suggestions.

Next to this overview of suggested improvements, we would also like to find a way to brainstorm about the execution of these improvements with all of those who are interested and willing. Once there is a prototype of model III, we would definitely like for people to try it out, so it is clear that the wishes for improvement also lead to a good product (as far as possible).

To do this, we would like to arrange a meeting. We will let you know how and where we will be doing this via the newsletter that is a part of this website.

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